The Fundamental Cause of Most Aliments


This subject may hit people where it hurts but I’m not referring to their wallet. As the topic for this week’s blog is entitled the Fundamental Cause of most Ailments I must state a disclaimer before I start getting some negative emails. Some ailments are caused by genetics or accidents, that is understood, but the vast majority, 87% according to research, is caused by something other than genetics or accidents.


Here is the answer to one of life’s core questions. “What is the fundamental cause of most aliments”? The cause is an undisciplined spirit. “What!” you say, it can’t be that. If you have read previous blogs then you will know my approach.


An undisciplined spirit is one which has given up its responsibility and freedom to think, choose, persevere, and use its will and have succumbed to the road very well-traveled, that is, the path of humanity.  Unless you were born with a genetic problem you were in good health. All the organs functioned and operated as designed. What got in the way of continued good health were statements like, “that’s the way my parents did it or told me to do it,” or  “that’s the way it has always been done since I can remember”  or “the medical field told me that’s the way it is.” It sounds like somebody or something is telling you how to live your life. Maybe your comfort zone is being told how to do and what to do. Your station in life including your job, your health, your finances, your marriage is being dictated by an outside source not from your own spirit. In everything pertaining to your life you must activate your “do diligence.”  This is a mandatory condition for any type of financial investments or other major decisions affecting your life.


How does one take control of their life? ... by asking questions.  Ask the big “why” question. Research your options from all directions. Don’t take the “approved” or “accepted” answer without checking the background to those answers. What are their sources and are there any other sources they are not telling you? Do they have an agenda or are they locked in to a particular viewpoint due to restrictions and rules they have agreed to abide by or do they have an open mind to see all viewpoints? Remember it is your health not theirs and nobody looks after your well-being better than yourself. Don’t leave your life in the hands of a third party. Take back the responsibility, persevere, ask questions, be a bulldog, don’t give in to simple answers, and make sure you have turned over every rock.


If you do this with all areas of your life you will not be a victim of circumstances but of an overcomer who knows who they are ,where they are going and have a map to follow.


This is “the more excellent way.”