How to Effect Positive Changes


1. Act on necessary endings to current projects and relationships that inhibit personal and business growth.

* Analyze all personal activities and delete those which do not add benefit to a personís personal vision and growth.

* Analyze all business activities and relationships and delete or modify those which do not add value to the business vision and goals.


††††† This process must not be strung out or delayed, which can be the case because of not taking a reality check of the hopelessness of the situation or relationship. This is a gamblers mentality, that with added effort the situation or relationship will turn around and get better; but no concrete evidence is presented that it will. Hope based on feelings only and not facts are destructive and stunts positive growth in both personal and business activities. Some activities and relationships were built on emotional and mental weaknesses to pacify the flesh to the detriment of the spirit and the call within a person.


2. The parameters of the vision must be maintained for beneficial growth and success.


3. Since the visions (personal & business) are from God, a person must have the courage to step into that vision with full confidence knowing that the total provision has already been made for their success.


4. Staying within the parameters of the vision allows a person to have full authority, security, provision and blessings as granted to those who do His will.†††††††