Signing your own Death Warrant


Whether you subscribe to any religious viewpoint or not, there are universal laws which affect everyone on this planet. The Law of Faith is used by everyone each day. You use the Law of Faith when you sit on a chair, drive a car, flip a light switch, eat food, or fly in an airplane. You have faith based on past experiences that the above things will continue to behave according to the laws of physics and your experiences, therefore, you can trust them to do what they are designed to do. Spiritually and mentally you are at peace with those experiences (we’re assuming they are good). Your biological systems are at peace and operate without hindrances or stress. When the spiritual, mental, and biological aspects of your life are in harmony, you have the greatest opportunity to operate in optimal health.


Two other universal laws are the Law of Bitterness and the Law of Unforgiveness. It is a proven scientific biological fact that all emotions have associated chemical and electrical components. Whether positive or negative, chemicals called peptides are released into the blood stream to perform their assigned functions. These peptides change the behavior of the body’s systems to correspond to each peptide, i.e. emotion. There is a peptide for love, hate, joy, bitterness, peace, etc. When these peptides lock into a cell the characteristic of that cell is changed to match the peptide. If the cells are located in the adrenal glands then the cells produce the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. The demeanor of the person goes from relaxed to agitated or anxious.


The Law of Bitterness/ Unforgiveness has some of the following characteristics (for our example) spiraling down to anger, hate, violence and even murder. It does not have to be the type normally associated with the TV evening news. The Bible says that thinking it in your heart is the same as physically doing it. The physical act is the end manifestation of a process started in the mind, will and emotions of a person, but God does not see a separation between the two. It is an act of continuation from conception to birth.


The person who was offended and refuses to forgive or acknowledge their part in it signs their own death warrant. If not corrected, it is a sin unto death. The body receives the instructions from the mind to have nothing to do with the person who “committed the offense.”  Although a person might not readily admit this is what they meant, the body prepares for the separation. This is where it really gets serious. One of the Laws of God is the Law of Harmony and Peace. Nothing in this universe can exist in disharmony forever. There must be a solution or remedy. The ultimate solution is destruction and elimination of the “sin.”  The body’s mechanism to deal with this disharmony is put into motion. Chemicals, peptides, hormones and other agents go to work in the body to have this person forget the offence and the person who committed it. This may take many years but the result is final. Not only will the person forget the offense and the person, but will slowly forget their friends, family members, and the good memories of their life. They will slowly turn inward and the memories of the outside world will slowly fade away. They are left with a day by day existence having forgotten who they were and who they are and their purpose for living. They will end up dying a lonely death even though they are surrounded by family and friends. This is an awful ending for a creation of God.


And yes. They got their wish….. they will not have to deal with that situation ever… the body gave them their final wish that was conceived so many years ago, not to have anything to do with that person.


In the medical world this condition could be described as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and senility.


You have the key to let yourself out of prison and to tear up the death warrant against you. There is a strong connection between unresolved “dead works” (Heb.6) and disease. James 5:13-16 is a passage about obtaining healing. But the verse that needs to be addressed is verse 16, “…confess your faults (trespasses) to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed.”


Forgive the offence and seek forgiveness from God and that person and thus have the mind of Christ and be made whole.