¨ Helps support healthy digestion*

¨  Digestive aid*

¨ Supports digestive system functioning*

¨Supports nutrient bio-accessibility*

¨Helps relieve occasional indigestion,

       bloating and gas*

Digestive Enzyme Complex aids and improves digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, and fibers under a wide range of gastrointestinal pH. Digestive Enzyme Complex contains 18 different enzymes at high activity, selected to work synergistically. *

100% Plant-Based

120 capsules

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Features of  Digestive Enzyme Complex:

1. Effective: Contains the highest combined enzyme potency (activity) per serving of any of the currently available plant source digestive enzyme formulas, as measured by FCC Methods.

2. Cost Effective: One to four capsules to properly digest a wide range of meals..

3. Duel Action: Taken with food for digestive help or without food for enzyme repair functions in the body.

4. Special Formula: Formulated to function in a wide range of pH conditions for proper digestion 

5. Optimized Function: Designed to be used in multiple roles to aid in digestion,  food assimilation, reduce gas, bloating, and occasional indigestion.

6. Regulated: Standardized to the latest FCC analytical methods for viable activity.

7. All Plant based: Plant based formula for exceptional potency in a vegetarian capsule.


What Type of Enzymes are in Digestive Enzyme Complex ?
Only plant based digestive enzymes are used, as opposed to animal source enzymes.  Enzymes break down our food which is composed of three main macro nutrients; Carbohydrates (all sugars), Proteins, and Lipids (fats).

What is the Difference Between Plant and Animal based enzymes?
Animal based enzymes are extracted from bovine (cow) or porcine (pork). These include Pancreatin, Trypsin, and Chymotrypsin and function in a limited alkaline pH range, as found in the small intestine, but not in the stomach with its lower (acidic) pH. Plant source enzymes are able to operate in a broader pH range which allows them to function in the stomach as well as the small intestine. Animal based enzymes must be taken with food since HCL (hydrochloric acid—stomach acid) is included. Plant based enzymes have no such restrictions and are therefore the better choice.

Why take Digestive Enzymes?

The main enzyme producing organ in the body is the pancreas. It produces digestive enzymes, metabolic enzymes, insulin and hundreds of other proteolytic enzymes. As we age less and less enzymes are produced. By taking supplemental enzymes we aid our pancreas in reliving the stress applied to it by our processed food diet. This diet contains little or no enzyme activity for digestion. Heat  above 105 degrees for more than 3-5 minutes kills most enzymes, therefore, the food is sterile and not able to aid in its digestion. This places an additional load on the pancreas to produce all the enzymes needed for digestion, plus the pancreas must continue to produces all the other enzymes mentioned above.
There are many health related illnesses attributed to the lack of proper digestion. These include many different allergies, GI tract conditions, autoimmune issues like some forms of arthritis.*


Digestive capability per capsule:


30 grams—Carbohydrates   examples; ( sugars)

15 grams—Protein                  examples ( Meats, Nuts, Legumes)

15 grams—Fats                        examples (Vegetable Oils, Dairy Cream, Animal Fats)

Vegetarian CapsuleGluten FreecGMP
Picture of Enzyme Essentials

Servings per Container 30-120

Serving Size 1-4 Capsules




% DV


80,000 HUT



400 SAPU



16,000 HUT



20,000 DU



5,000 FIP



2,000 CU



200 AGU



40 SU



200 GALU



260 BGU






500 XU



40 FTU



3,000 HCU



2,000 ALU



2 million PU



2 million PU



* % Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Vegetable capsule contains purified water and cellulose.