Readers Question: What do you know about frequency wands and health?


Ok, it is a big subject with many rabbit trails, so let me see where to begin. Yes, I have been involved for many years with MFDs, which are Molecular Frequency Discriminators. MFDs locate objects by “tuning” in to the resident frequency which is inherent in them.  Another machine is the Rife, which produces frequencies to be used in healing the body. All life forms, as we know, are made up of various energy forms which we call frequencies. This includes all pathogens which cause diseases or inflame a condition of disharmony in the body. Disharmony is an imbalance of the body’s frequencies. Our body is designed to fit within a specific range of vibrations (frequencies). Pathogens have frequencies which disrupt the harmony in a healthy body, thereby manifesting a symptom which we call, disease.  It’s like applying 24 volts to a 12 volt system; the appliance was not designed for it and will burn up.

The Rife machine was one of the first to be used in this area. Dr. Royal Rife, back in the early 1900’s discovered that pathogens could be destroyed by the use of certain resonating frequencies. He compiled a list of working frequencies. I have his list plus a few hundred more that have been used since his time. You can Google his name and find a lot of stuff (the good, bad, and ugly). People have made their own machines and modified them to suit their own needs. Dr. Hulda Clark came up with the Zapper. It was a circuit used for specific frequencies for specific diseases. A person holds two metal rods in their hands for a set time, allowing the current to flow through their body.


Here are my questions about the “wand”.  What is its composition?  They really don’t say how it works. They write in generalities and use antidotal evidence. I do believe that there is some truth to what they are saying, since they claim it works within the realm of quantum physics using a form of scalar energy. Athletes have known for years that electrical pulses can speed healing.


I have a real problem with the fact that on the internet, dozens of sites say “Have great health and Wealth, by joining our team”. It seems that a product that has about 10 dollars in parts is selling for 150 to 200 dollars. I remind everyone that there is no such thing as a “magic bullet”. Wands cannot help a person make daily right health choices. The wand may help alleviate conditions which wrong choices brought to the surface, but it will not correct the root causes which must be addressed by proper nutrition and lifestyle. If a person after receiving the wand treatment does not change their lifestyle then it will continue to occur. Yes, EMF and RF are real and can cause problems in the right circumstances. Unfortunately, they will be with us always.

I remember when vitamins were the “thing” for all problems, then, grapeseed came on the scene for antioxidants. Next was Mangosteen and then Acai. They all have some real value but the marketing is all about $$$$.


The Bible has the ultimate answers when it comes to all the above. The most powerful force is praying in the spirit. Our mental state is the beginning of most of our problems. As I see with many people, their mental state is one that dwells on the physical conditions, which then forms thinking habits and patterns which are not conductive to positive living. Out of the abundance of the heart man speaks his true feelings.  As in Deut. 30, God has set before us life and death; blessing and cursing; good and evil. We must choose each day, hour by hour and minute by minute which way we want to go. He gave us the Holy Spirit, who will guide us into all truth, His ways are truth (John 16:13). He has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness (2Peter 1:3). Why buy a wand when we have holy hands (Mark 16:18). We know that faith filled thoughts bring the body into harmony or homeostasis. Paul knew this in his writings (Phil. 4:4-9). Jesus said constantly not to worry or fear, but to trust and believe. God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind (2Tim. 1:7).  Let us press forward onto maturity in all areas. We have salvation down pretty good, so let us continue to tackle the mountain of health in the Spirit and see God work miracles.