I Refuse to Grow Up


People become old simply because they don't know how to remain young. It is funny how when we were young we couldn't wait to get older. Now that we are older we want to remain young. As it has been said, "young is a state of being." Usually our peers are the ones to keep us in our "age bracket" by telling us to "act" our age as if there is some mysterious behavior that denotes a particular age. We succumb to the notion that if everyone around me is acting their "age" then I should do likewise.


We have come to expect that with age comes certain and inevitable changes and these changes are not always beneficial to our being. In our 30's we were told to expect ABC changes; in our 40's to expect XYZ changes and so on. We are sheep following other sheep not knowing where it is they are exactly going. Those around me are going there so I guess it is the proper thing to do. Quit being sheep and start being people. Be people who know who they are, where they are going and have a plan for getting there. If you want to remain healthy then do the things that are beneficial to your end goal. Quit following the herd and "take the path less traveled and that will make all the difference". Change your life and your lifestyle and you will not have to experience the "inevitable" 30's, 40's 50's and 60's changes.


I was told to find something I love and stick with it. I did. I refuse to grow up and act "old". There is a kid in me that still marvels at the wonders of life, the sunrise and sunsets, a canoe on a lake watching the ducklings, playing a softball game, sliding down a hill in the snow, chasing grand kids in the park, laying on the grass making cloud pictures, laughing at the unexpected, giving big hugs, and most of all thanking the Lord for a wonderful day in His mercy and grace. "As a man thinks in his heart so is he". The most wonderful part about it is, your body will respond to your thinking and help you achieve your health goals by the built-in healing modes placed there.


There, I have said it, now to go "play" in the garden. Have a GREAT day!