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Dr. Gary Pyles graduated from Cornerstone University (B.R.E.) with a major in Bible. He earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in Christian counseling from Newburg Theological Seminary. He has traveled domestically and internationally on various ministry trips and has been involved in several churches as a staff pastor, Bible and health teacher. Currently he is the director of Skyway Church’s Christian Lay Counseling ministry. In private practice, he is a Certified Life Coach, a nutritionist, and counsels clients in spiritual and emotional reconciliation, nutrition, and living a wholistic healthy lifestyle. 


Gary and his wife, Bonnie, have five adult children and four grandchildren. They have made their home for the past forty plus years in Phoenix, Arizona and currently attend Skyway Church of the West Valley, located in Goodyear, Arizona.


After suffering a moderate heart attack, spending five days in ICU, and failing the stress test, Gary, against the advice of his cardiologist, signed himself out of the hospital. He went in search of a more promising and less invasive therapy and found it in the field of functional and orthomolecular medicine. After nine months of nutritional and chelation therapy he climbed to the saddle of Mount Humphries in Flagstaff, Arizona at an elevation of 11,600’ and ran down the mountain, keeping up with a young man in his mid-twenties.


Building on his educational degree and science background, he went on a quest to explore the basics of health and wellness. This led him into the field of functional medicine and nutritional therapy. He realized that in order to live a healthy and long life he needed to take charge of his own health affairs. He wanted to be proactive in making health decisions rather than waiting for a symptom to manifest and then go to a doctor for a diagnosis. As a degreed ordained minister he has a holistic (wholeness) worldview including the spiritual and mental roots of diseases and blocks to healing. Gary (Ph.D.) uses biblically-based Christian counseling therapies. As a Certified Life Coach he has the knowledge and experience to help you obtain your health goals. Whether you are healthy and want to stay that way or have issues which need attention, Apex CS has the resources to encourage and help you in your health decisions. As the senior consultant he currently has private clientele, teaches health classes, and a speaker at seminars and conferences. Apex Consulting Services is established to provide you a resource for your continuing health education.











Philosophy of  Practice


We believe that we have a Creator who loves us and has provided everything necessary for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). In our teaching and counseling, we start with the spirit since humans are spirit. We follow the spiritual with the mind, will and emotions . Everything we do begins with a thought. A thought affects attitude; attitude affects your emotions; emotions affect your behavior and behavior affects the function of the whole body. We help people establish a healthy lifestyle which becomes integrated into their very being. It is more than head knowledge, it becomes a matter of the spirit, mind, and soul of an individual.


The goal of the wholistic health classes as taught by doctor Gary is to give people the knowledge to be able to make informed health decisions and thus avoid health compromising conditions in the first place. In order to be successful in the long term, health is a critical element for everyone’s quality of life.  If you would like to set up a class in your area, schedule an appointment, available speaking engagements,  or have other questions, please contact us about available dates and times.


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God is no respecter of persons. He can do for you what He has done for me. (Left with daughter, Right with wife)