The Iceberg


What you see on the surface, i.e. the physical body, is like an iceberg. Ten percent is what you see, while ninety percent is below water and not seen. It puts us behind the proverbial eight ball when symptoms finally show up, it has been months if not years in the making and we did not know it. Real health is knowing what’s going on at all times. Now some of you might be saying, “there’s too much going on for me to pay attention when I don’t see or feel any problems.”, or how about, “ that’s what I pay insurance for, so I can go and see a doctor.”  You know it’s a bad time to realize your parachute that you packed three years ago has rotted out after you have jump out of the plane. As far as you knew that chute was in good condition when you packed it…. Duh. Sounds stupid doesn’t it. This is our approach to health. The last time you went to a doctor, (whenever that was…) you were fine, but now when you need your body to perform a task….. o’ the aches and pains suddenly appear. So you say to yourself and others, “I must be getting old.”  “I’m not as young as I use to be.” Hogwash! ANYTHING if not taken care of will break down. That is the law of the universe.


Scientists have come to the conclusion that our DNA should last for 113 years. Anything short of that can lead one to surmise that there were issues not addressed at an earlier time. As the mechanic in the filter commercial said, “Buy the oil filter now for 4 bucks or pay me later for a new engine, the choice is yours.”


Let me take for an example, your adrenals. They are used for a multitude of systems by releasing hormones as needed. Cortisol, a very powerful hormone, is released for the “fight, flight, or freeze” syndrome. It is a form of a steroid, need I say more. To those who are concerned about their weight, take a good look at your thinking process. Is there negative, toxic thinking going on? Do you have relationship problems at work, at home or with yourself? Guess what is released into your system, you guessed it – cortisol. According to the Merck Manual, corticosteroid increases your appetite (helps explain the munchies) and it also increases the plasma lipids levels (fats) in the blood stream. Your body does not differentiate between real (physical) and virtual (in your mind) problems. It has the same response.


So what is the conclusion to this issue? First, check the control panel which is your brain, to see if all the thinking functions are in harmony with each other. Secondly, take captive all thoughts which are detrimental to your health and delete them from your mind. Psychologists have determined that 70% of our thinking is either counterproductive to our health or redundant. Thirdly, live at peace with all people and circumstances. You have reached this far in your life and survived… so you will make it again. Don’t allow outside voices and circumstances to dictate your inner peace. Don’t open the door to them. What is going on out there does not have to affect you in your “house” unless you invite it in. As much effort as you put into your job, put that same effort into learning about your “house”. It will ultimately pay greater dividends down the road. Peace and harmony increases the good “feeling” hormones and decrease the cortisol.


Choice is yours. Chose wisely…….