The body is the visible part of which we are. The body with its five senses is how we generally relate to the physical world. This then leads us to put a lot of time and effort into keeping our body looking good, feeling good, and functioning well. But, did you know that the body is the “low man” in the natural pecking order? For being on the bottom of the heap, the body sure has a lot of demands or so we think. We know that we are made up of three parts; spirit, soul (mind), and body. To illustrate this fact let me liken this fact to a production factory.


We are made up of many systems and so is a factory. Each factory department has a responsibility to the whole. Each department is interconnected to the whole. There is also a chain of command or authority under which our body and the factory operate. For simplicity’s sake I am using a CEO as the spirit, general manager (GM) as the mind, and the factory floor (Production) as the body.


In order for production to make the required products it needs resources. It places an order with the GM who then decides what, when, where, and quantity of resources needed. The CEO checks time to time to make sure money is not being wasted and the products are being made according to the company plans. The GM can and does question at times the Productions requests for resources especially if the resources were just ordered recently. He checks to see why and to see if there is a problem in the production line. CEO gets a daily update to check on the profitability of the company.


The body makes a request for resources to the mind and the mind has to determine if the resources are really needed. If there is a continued request for the same resource the mind has to make a decision; is the body using up that resource efficiently or is the resource being wasted due to a problem? This is where the mind either through lack of knowledge or just being lazy can make a bad decision which affects the entire body function. If the spirit senses that there is a problem it can input to the mind its desires, but the mind has the responsibility to accept or reject any and all thoughts.


So, where does that leave the body? The body is under the authority of the mind with its will and emotions. To change what the body looks like and to correct deficiencies is the responsibility of the mind which is influenced by the spirit. Just because the body is screaming for resources does not mean that it actually gets what it wants.  If the mind is not disciplined it will give in to the body and then the body is in control and you are in for a very rough health ride. If the mind takes control and gives it what it needs then the body will conform to the mind. The mind needs to take every thought captive and make a conscience decision; and whatever you do, don’t ignore the thought else it will in time become a volcano and reek destruction on your body.


Healthy living is a minute by minute choice. Good choices lead to a healthy and productive life. You might say that some people seem to have “healthy” genes in their family or could it be that over the years healthy choices were made when at the time they did not notice any difference.