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             Since the first printing of my book, I am pleased by the significant interest and increased discussion about various supplements utilizing Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET).


             Most interest seems to center around liposomal Vitamin C. I touched a bit upon Vitamin C and LET in chapter 10 in the book. In the interest of objectivity and professionalism, I cannot endorse any particular brand, but I do feel a little more information at this time may help people make informed decisions.


             I know that I don’t have to convince you of Vitamin C’s value. Because you are well informed, you already take it—probably lots of it.


There is something about Vitamin C that you probably don’t know.


           Because of its well-documented, wonder-working power (over 100,000 published studies to date), man has made countless attempts to make Vitamin C more readily absorbed. Until now, we have succeeded in making it more expensive and perhaps a little easier on the stomach and intestines, but little, if any significant gain in bio-availability has been made.


             Here’s why—- the human digestive system was never designed to digest and distribute large doses of Vitamin C in any form. Many researchers, including myself, believe that humans used to manufacture their own vitamin C in the liver. Man didn't need to eat it, he made it.


             There is much evidence of this:


· Most mammals still produce Vitamin C – some, like goats, up to 100,000mg per day.


· All humans have all the necessary enzymes and raw material so make vitamin C in the liver except one – commonly called gulonolactone oxidase (GLO).


· The gene that manufactures GLO has been located in the human genome but in most humans, this gene is defective.


· In the days of Ponce de Leon and Magellan, when sailors on prolonged journeys were dying from scurvy – a lack of Vitamin C – not all died or even got sick, although all had the same Vitamin C deficient diet. It is believed that the sailors who remained healthy made Vitamin C on their own.


             Many prestigious medical research hospitals – like the Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo clinic and others – routinely by-pass the digestive system altogether when they use Vitamin C. They inject it right into the blood stream. The dramatic improvement in effectiveness gained by introducing Vitamin C directly into the blood stream is well-documented.


What if there was an oral delivery system for Vitamin C that could by-pass the digestive system and take it directly into the bloodstream and to the specific cells that need it.


Modern medical science has found a way!


The solution is not to improve Vitamin C, or to trick the digestive system into not destroying it, altering it, or eliminating it, the answer is to change the method of delivery altogether.


How can you take an oral Vitamin C product, bypass the digestive system and deliver it fresh and intact into the bloodstream?


In a word – liposomes!


By encapsulating Vitamin C in nano-scopic liposomes, a natural, perfectly-sealed bubble is created that shields the Vitamin C from the degrading elements in the environment and the digestive system, and also protects the digestive system from the Vitamin C.


Because of their sub-microscopic size and their composition, liposomes slip right through the digestive system unharmed and unchanged, and then they are readily absorbed by the intestines where they are transported directly to the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the liposomes are grabbed by phospholipid hungry, damaged cells and the Vitamin C is released as the cell uses the liposome’s phospholipids to repair membranes!


A recommendation from Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling


Two-time Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, recommended that healthy individuals take 12 to 15 grams of Vitamin C per day to obtain maximum benefit. That’s 24 to 30 500mg tablets per day (not to mention lots of water)! If you are currently following this advice, you deserve a prize. The vast majority of cells in your body love you, but your stomach, intestines, and kidneys are probably raising a bit of a ruckus.


The theory is this: flood your system with a massive amount of Vitamin C so that an adequate amount will actually get into your bloodstream. This approach does work but it taxes the G.I. System and a great deal of Vitamin C is eliminated through diarrheal flushing and in the urine before it ever does one bit of good.


It’s true! Your heart, your brain, your liver, your circulatory system, your eyes, your skin, your bones, your joints, your immune system—are all greatly strengthened with large doses of non-degraded Vitamin C.


There is almost no system, organ, gland, or cell in your body that does not derive great benefit from a massive supply of vitamin C. A basic component of many enzyme reactions throughout the body, it has natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties that still amazes medical researchers, in addition, Vitamin C is still one of the most powerful free radical fighters known to man.


But, do you have to endure the discomfort and inconvenience associated with a handful of Vitamin C tablets every day? What if you could realize all the benefits without taking more vitamin C, but in fact, by taking less…


What you can expect from a liposomal Vitamin C product


Liposomal Vitamin C is not fazed by the myriad of obstacles and gauntlet of resistance thrown up by the human digestive system in reaction to Vitamin C tablets. The Vitamin C filled nano-spheres slip right by the enzymes in your saliva, your digestive juices, the bile salts, and other elements that breakdown unprotected Vitamin C.


Injured cells through your body recognize the needed phospholipids in each liposome. As the liposomes attach themselves to these damaged cells, the liposomal phospholipids are “stolen” for cellular repair. This causes the liposomal bubbles to burst which release their Vitamin C in and around the compromised cell.


Plus, liposomal Vitamin C also avoids the binders and fillers required by tableted Vitamin C which have no nutritional or health value. Think about it. The same binders that keep your pill from falling apart during storage and handling can also prevent them from completely dissolving in your stomach. Septic tank cleaning engineers report seeing undigested tablets and capsules in the waste they pump out of the septic systems.


Remember, Vitamin C only benefits you if it gets into your bloodstream. Liposomal C needs no non-nutritive substances; no binders, fillers, flavors, colors, and etc. and, it needs no digestion prior to reaching the cells that need it! Liposomal Vitamin C eliminated the need to “flood” your digestive system with huge amounts of Vitamin C so that an ample amount gets to the blood stream. As good as all this is, and it is very good, there is even more about liposomal Vitamin C that deserves celebration.


Your blood, liver, heart, other organs/ glands and cells all over your body need and crave the substance in essential phospholipid liposomes


The liposomes used in the best encapsulated supplements are made from phosphatidylcholine or “essential” phospholipids. These substances, usually extracted from soy lecithin, are necessary for life. In fact, every one of the trillions of cells of your body would instantly disintegrate if it were not for phospholipids. It’s the stuff all cell membranes are made of. They are call “essential” because the body needs them but cannot synthesize them.


For nearly 40 years, researchers have studied and reported the vast health and life benefits of “essential” phospholipids or polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine (PC). In my book, PC Liposomal Encapsulation technology, I discuss the subjects of liposomes, essential phospholipid, phosphatidylcholine, how they work and what they do. Although chapters 2 & 3 are a bit technical, the other chapters should answer most of your questions. The book also cites several of literally thousands of published studies that demonstrate the immense benefits of “essential” phospholipids. The scope of these benefits is far beyond what can be discussed here because of very limited space, but here are a few of the benefits.


· Lower LDL cholesterol, raise HDL cholesterol, lower over cholesterol

· Improve blood flow and circulation

· “Scrub” plaque from the veins and arteries

· Make blood cells less likely to stick together

· Promote cellular membrane repair

· Promote liver repair and function

· Improve libido and sexual function

· Enhance glandular function, especially the pancreas


             “Essential” phospholipids are every bit as powerful as Vitamin C and merit hearty supplementation on their own. I have been using stand-alone phospholipid products in my private medical practice for several years with amazing results. Now, with the advent of liposomal vitamin C products there is a perfect marriage between two incredible supplements.


How to choose a good liposomal vitamin C


             Please note: quality “essential” phospholipid liposomes are expensive as food supplements go. But you don’t want to be stingy here. Make sure that the supplement contains phosphatidylcholine and that the liposomes are under 300 nanometers in diameter—the smaller the better. These factors will add significant cost to the Vitamin C but they are well worth it.


             Consider  having the benefits of mega-C supplementation, without the handful of dry, bitter pills, the gallons of water, and the gastric upset. Plus, you get all the proven power of “essential” phospholipids.


Drops me a line after you’ve tried liposomal vitamin C—I’d love to know how it changes your life.




                                                                                      Healthy regards




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