Dr. Gary is the director of  the Skyway Church CLC ministry. This ministry only involves spiritual and psychological counseling. There is no charge for this ministry if you are a member of Skyway. For non-members there is a sliding scale. The book God’s Parameters for Success is required to be purchased. For an appointment call 623-935-4858.


Conference Speaker  (spiritual - psychological - nutritional)– All travel expenses + honorarium (fee) to be determined by location, length, and topic



Comprehensive Health Survey (CHS)                                                                   

             This survey includes the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of your life. Past and present conditions are noted. This survey shows how the whole being is interrelated and what affects one part affects all the other parts.


¨ Digestive deficiencies

¨ Enzyme deficiencies

¨ Emotional stress patterns

¨ Psychological stress patterns

¨ Spiritual stress patterns

¨ Relationship stress patterns

¨ Bad habits noted

¨ Chronic health conditions as diagnosed by your primary care medical provider

¨ Any other health conditions as noted by you

¨ Current medications taken (OTC or prescription)

¨ Current supplements taken

¨ Vital stats – Height, Weight, Age, Blood pressure

¨ Research and compose a comprehensive report


Report (approximate appointment time needed – 1.5 hours)                     


¨ Spiritual protocols and affirmations

¨ Stress analysis ( psychological , physical, spiritual)

¨ Suggested foods for healthy eating

¨ Diet as suggested by CHS

¨ Introduction to personal health journaling

¨ The how and why of taking your blood pressure/ heart rate  

¨ Suggested supplements

¨ Suggested lifestyle changes

¨ Possible spiritual and emotional roots to your health conditions

¨ Protocols for spirit, mind and body health recovery


Follow up (included)

       You will be held accountable to initiate a weekly email and/or phone call to update Apex CS as to your progress and any questions or concerns you may have. This will be for a prescribed length of time.


Certified Private Consultation  (Gary Pyles, Ph. D.)                                 per hour      $70     ½ hour          $35

¨ All health issues regarding the spirit, mind, body connection

¨ Health research where applicable

¨ Supplementation consultation

¨ In-depth discussion of spiritual roots to disease

¨ Stress remediation

¨ Relationship management

¨ Receive notes and handouts

¨ Life coaching



Wholistic Health Classes   (minimum 10 people)

Standard 16 week course                       per person     $325

Standard 12 week course                       per person     $275


Specific courses and lengths are available upon request    Variable pricing


Seminars (packaged subject matter to be determined- call for more information)


1-2 hour Health Seminar with handouts           $400

4 hour Health Seminar with handouts               $800

6 hour Health Seminar with handouts               $1000

12 hour Health Seminar with handouts             $1500  (2-day)

Plus cost of materials and processing for handouts



The above seminars are priced as local (Metro Phoenix, AZ). Out-of-town will include all travel related expenses, such as food, lodging, and transportation.



All clients will sign a Terms of Communication Agreement

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