Biochemical makeup of our emotions


There is a chemical that matches every emotional state we experience. There are chemicals for anger, sadness, lust, love, joy, mercy, etc.


The moment we experience an emotional state in our brain, the hypothalamus assembles the corresponding peptides and release them through the pituitary into the blood stream. Every single cell has receptor sites. Once a peptide locks into a receptor site on the cell the cell then changes to exhibit those characteristics of the peptide. It changes the nucleus of the cell.


What is an addiction?


An addiction is anything you can’t stop doing or thinking. By definition, if you can’t control your emotional state, you must be addicted to it. We are “forced” into situations which fulfill the biochemical cravings of the cell, which leads us to experience those things which satisfy the cell. When people are addicted to emotions, it’s not just psychological, it is biochemical.


The problem


Nutrients/substances use the same cell receptors as emotions. For instance, heroin = anger. When cells are constantly bombarded by emotions and they continually divide, there will be more receptor sites for that stimuli and less for nutrients, for example, vitamins, minerals, etc. People who are constantly on the edge emotionally take on the physical characteristics of a physically sick person. The fact is, they are, in fact, biochemically sick. It doesn’t really matter what we eat if after 20 years of emotional addiction, there are very few receptor sites to let in the nutrients necessary for our health.

The Solution

As simplistic as it sounds, refrain from thinking anything that will cause the production of negative peptides and their side effects. Everything including all emotions and actions begin with a conscience choice of thought. Take all thoughts “captive”. That means make a decision as to the validity of that thought. Is it harmonizing with your belief system and encouraging you toward your vision and goals or is it counterproductive to your desired dreams causing you to regress instead of progress. This takes more than just willpower. You must meditate on the parameters of your design. How is your spirit, mind, and body constructed. Find that out and you will be well on your way to achieving your dreams and goals.