The Real Scoop on Cancer


The mechanics of cancer is part of the natural process of healing within the body which has gone astray.

When you cut or injure yourself the body immediately starts the process of making new cells to replace those which were destroyed. Without this process, in time, you would cease to exist for lack of cells. Our bodies are very complex organisms which require a very exact set of instructions to carry out the daily tasks of living. Within this framework are instructions for cell replication (division) and cell death (apoptosis). If either one of these processes malfunction, we have a health problem.


In dealing with the prevention of cancer, the most important subject is the spirit and mind followed by proper nutrition and physical exercise. As discussed in earlier blogs, a thought leads to an attitude, and attitude to an emotion, an emotion to a behavior. Negative thoughts cause the body to shut down, tense up, and basically malfunction. The body becomes acidic, a loss of proper oxygen saturation, and a loss of energy production within the cells occurs. When the energy levels within the cells drop to the point of not being able to continue normal functioning, cell division becomes irregular or mutated. Oxygen which is normally used for cell respiration is replaced with a fermentation process. This is the lowest form of cell energy which is used for its division process and it is unregulated. The normal cycle of growth and death is interrupted and cells continue to replicate. As we know fermentation takes sugar to operate so sugar is the favorite food of a cancer cell.


Positive thoughts, like enjoyment of life, goal setting, good healthy relationships, an optimistic outlook on life, an inner peace and joy, are paramount to reducing the risks of cancer. There are three main relationships that are necessary for a healthy life. One, an inner deep personal relationship to your Creator (God) who is good and desires the best for you. Two, a good relationship with others including no unresolved issues like unforgiveness, bitterness, envy, and being offended. Three, a healthy positive view of yourself. You must like who you are and where you are in life. Words like dumb, stupid, ugly, hurt, offended, anxious, fearful, uncertain, hopeless, trapped, and etc. should NOT be in your vocabulary. If these relationship are not like they should be then the body is not in harmony and peace and able to operate in an optimal state of health. This is the beginning of degenerative diseases of which cancer is one. It might take years to manifest, but it will happen unless a spiritual and mental change takes place.


Nutrition and exercise can only go so far in helping to maintain your health because the mind is more powerful and will in time will over shadow good health practices. Then all the nutrition and proper physical health practices will only be a life support system but will not bring you in to real healing.


Stop for a moment and think, “I’m OK at this moment, so I can smile.”  Stop long enough to smell the roses in your life. Yesterday is gone and can’t be changed, so relax and ease up on yourself. Tomorrow is not here so you can approach it with a smile and change it. Today is what you are given, so start now with a new attitude and you will be surprised how the world changes around you.


So what does this have to do with cancer…. Everything.