To get the full nutritional benefit from your foods and the supplements you take, a full spectrum vegetable enzyme supplement is highly suggested, especially if you eat a lot of cooked foods.


Contrary to American eating habits, fresh fruits which are the easiest to digest should not be eaten immediately after the main course. The main course consisting of meat, vegetables, etc. take longer to digest than fruits causing the fruit to stay in the stomach longer than needed. This may lead to an “upset” stomach. Eat fresh fruit later after the main course has time to digest.  Plant based digestive enzymes should be taken at the beginning of a meal or during, if you forget. Animal based enzymes, should only be taken during or at the end of a meal. They have HCL which would upset most stomachs.

Melons which are the easiest to digest should be eaten alone. They are very rich in in vitamins and minerals.


If you MUST have something on your no-no list… MODERATION. Your body, if well maintained, can handle some spurges without permanent damage. Remember, over a lifetime, things add up so live accordingly.



ELIMINATE FROM DIET                            SUBSTITUTE WITH


White sugar                                                  Honey, Maple Syrup (NO Aspartame)


White Bread                                                   Fresh Rye, Stone-Ground Whole Wheat Flour ( NO High Fructose

                                                                              Corn Syrup or White Sugar) Bread should have Grain,                                                                                                           Yeast, Salt and Sweetener. Anything else is not really required.


Prepared Cereals                                          Cooked/ Raw Whole Grains


“Dead” foods—Processed, Canned              Fresh Foods, Raw or Lightly steamed (Warm not Hot)


Fluid with Meals                                               Minimal— Fluids 30 minutes Before or After Meals


Iced Beverages                                                  Room Temperature if Taken with Meals


Pop, Coffee, Black Tea, Alcohol                    Herb Teas, Fresh Fruit or Fresh Vegetable Juices, Water


Table Salt, Black Pepper                                 Vegetable Seasoning, Sea or Kelp Salt, Capsicum


Cow’s Milk Products, Pasteurized                Prefer Goat’s Milk Products-Raw, Almond Milk, ( watch                                                                                                       out for the sugar content!) If you Must—Raw Cow’s Milk


Head (Iceberg) Lettuce                                    Leaf Lettuce (Dark Green)


Preservatives                                                      Food that Spoils


Fried Foods                                                         Raw or Lightly Steamed Foods ( NO Lard or Olive and Canola                                                                                            Oil) Grape Seed or Coconut Oil is Better for High Temperatures


Tap Water                                                           Filtered (If you live in a hard water area), or Reverse Osmosis


Foods Containing Hydrogenated Oils        Foods containing Natural Oils (Absolutely NO Hydro or Partial)


Desserts- Cake Cookies, Pies                         Fresh fruits, All Nuts, Granola Bars


Margarine, Lard, “Crisco”                             Spreads made from oils, Use Grape Seed or Coconut for Heating


REDUCE FROM DIET                                  SUBSTITUTE WITH


Red Meat—Beef & Pork                                 Fish, Turkey, Chicken — Bake, Broil, or Roast ( Limit intake of                                                                                          red meat to 3 oz. per day)