In a previous blog we discussed the role the body plays in our health. We also touched on the role of the mind. In this letter we are going to delve a little deeper into the body—mind connection and show that toxic thinking equates to a toxic body. As Dr. Caroline Leaf says, “Everything in our life comes to us as a thought.” Thought leads to a decision; decision to an action; action to a behavior .

Let’s take a fresh warm cinnamon roll as our example. The reason I picked it is because that use to be my vice (not one, but pigging out). The first sense that picks it up is its smell; “the caramelized sugar and the aromatic cinnamon.”  Mouthwatering isn’t it? The next sense is sight. “there it is just sitting in that pan on the counter with the icing dripping over it.”  Mmmmm… looking good! Touch, “Oh it must have just come from the oven, it is warm and soooo soft……”  The last sense is taste. “It is to die for….”

So when you combine the smell, sight, touch, and taste together, what do you get? I don’t think I need to answer that. Now, did this all start with the body asking for it or did it start in your mind? Once the mind entertains the thought, the emotions from past experiences come in to play. Did I have a good or bad experience with this the last time?

Because our emotions play such an important role in our decisions it is very important to take every thought captive. That means to ask, answer and discuss each thought. Sometimes you my have to stop and think and sometimes it is automatically done in a split second.

Ask: is what I’m about to do add or subtract from my well being, including spiritual, mental, emotional, and body. This may open up a can of worms if you have not defined your spiritual, mental, emotional and body  goals, dreams and plans.

Answer: use your will to make a choice. Do not defer or refuse to answer because it may later expose itself in the most inopportune time.

Discuss: without the assistance of your emotions (emotions can get in the way of good decisions) look at the issue from all sides, including the pros and cons, then make your choice based on your goals, dreams, worldview, and plans. Choices that do not enhance your being only bring you down and not allow you to be yourself.

Now, putting it all together, does the body really dictate or control you or does your mind by not taking captive all thoughts or through the discipline of the mind allow the body to receive everything it requests, not regarding your goals, dreams, and plans? The obvious answer is, no, the body does not control but I can make lousy decisions in disregard of who I am.

Now there is a caveat to this topic. Due to an undisciplined mind the body can become so malnourished that it appears to be in control by the sensory demands it places on the mind. Think right, eat right and have a wonderful life.

You can achieve success in this area… set your goals for a little progress each day and you will make it!