This can be the most liberating or the most annoying word in the English language. Remember when you were a little kid and your parent or guardian would ask you to do something and you might respond with, “why.”  Today, maybe you have or have had little kids who ask you the same question, “why”.

It goes something like this,

Parent: “Johnny it’s time to go to bed.”

Johnny: “Why?”

Parent: “It’s getting late and you need your rest.”

Johnny: “Why?”

Parent: “Well you need lots of rest for your day tomorrow.”

Johnny: “Why?”

Parent: “You will have a busy day at school and you want to be sharp, don’t you?”

Johnny: “Why?”

Parent: “Well Johnny, if you want to grow up and be a good student and get a good job you need to be rested so you can study hard and get good grades.”

Johnny: “Why?”

Parent: “Johnny, go to bed because I said so!”


Let’s see how that plays out in the doctor’s office.

Patient: “What wrong with me, Doctor?”

Doctor: “Well the tests show that you might have pińa colada (lol)”

Patient: “Why?”

Doctor: “It appears that your qwerty system is not functioning correctly”

Patient: “Why?”

Doctor: “Well, it appears that your dill enzymes are deficient”

Patient: “Why?”

Doctor: “Uh.. well past cases have showed the same symptoms so we believe that is the cause”

Patient: “Why, what caused the deficiency?”

Doctor: “ You know you ask a lot of “whys.”

Patient: “Well, I really want to know what is happening to me.”

Doctor: “Trust me, I have 10 years of medical training” (under his breath, “I know more than you and you are starting to annoy me”).

Patient: “Do you really know the cause of the deficiency?”

Doctor: “Uh… we have this new drug that has shown promise in alleviating the symptoms and you do want the symptoms to go away, don’t you?”

Patient: “But will that cure me?”

Doctor: “ Uh.. we don’t know of a cure for this, so just take this prescription down to the local drug store and get it filled and I’m sure you will feel better.”

Patient: “ Why?”

Doctor: “Because I said so!”

Patient: “Well I want to make sure that all possible remedies are looked at.”

Doctor: (under his breath, “just get this patient out of here, who do they think they are telling me my business”) “see the cashier out front we’ll see you in 30 days .”

Patient: (under their breath, “why can’t he just answer a simple question”) “have a good day, bye.”


By law and the doctor’s training he must follow very strict guidelines which are established by the FDA and the AMA and other certification boards. Most doctors use the “plug and play” solution to all problems. The cause is not important but alleviating the symptom is very important. If you “feel” better, then you think that you are better – problem solved! This is the whole reason behind pain relievers like Tylenol, Aleve, and others. The bones might be scraping together but if you don’t feel it then you continue to inflict more damage on the joints without really getting to the root cause and fixing the problem while it still can be fixed. After all, there is always surgery if the pain can’t be controlled. This scenario goes for every system in your body. Pain is for a reason, it is the body telling you that there is a problem that needs your attention.

If you can’t find a doctor that can answer the simple question “Why”, then take it upon yourself to find the cause of your problem and be your own doctor.  After all you don’t have the AMA, FDA, and the pharmaceuticals and all the other controlling groups to interfere with your studies.


Be a good student and listen to your body. You will be surprised what it will tell you.