Why am I gaining weight?


As we know by the national news reports, weight management is a serious problem, not only in this country but in most of the developed countries of the world. People are turning to any product that promises weight reduction. Most people know and understand that excessive weight can lead to serious health issues. The most common issues are joint pain, excessive heart strain, insulin resistant diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases, and high blood pressure. Other health issues can include the mental and emotional stress, like self- esteem, acceptance, being loved and the “I tried everything and failed” syndrome. There is hope and we encourage you to get off the “fad” stuff and look at some very simple areas that will have great benefit in your life.


Sleep- It is an area that most people do not take serious. Lack of proper sleep is a big factor in many of today’s health problems. In a society which rewards productivity, people become stressed out over achieving expected results from their place of business or peers. These stresses are carried home and into the bedroom where a person becomes unable to readily fall asleep or stay in that REM sleep mode which is needed for proper rest. During deep sleep the body does the most important repair tasks. Given the right nutrients and a good night’s sleep the body will respond with energy and vitality. Inadequate sleep means excess secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone, and that leads to insulin resistance, belly fat accumulation, and systemic inflammation. If you are exercising and working hard, lack of sleep just adds to the cortisol levels. Good eating and exercising can help reduce the problem, but a lack of quality sleep can defeat all the good you are trying to do. As the old saying goes, the lack of sleep will always catch up with you.

Maintaining a strong, stable sleep pattern will really help control the stress levels and help to boost your immune system, even out your energy levels, help you have productive workouts, give you a more positive attitude and outlook in life, and lower the risk of developing degenerative diseases. It is to your advantage to put a good night’s sleep higher up on your priority list.


Cravings – Some people have a problem with food cravings and can’t seem to get a handle on it. Just when they think they have it under control a situation presents itself and the ‘ol craving sticks up its’ ugly head again. This is a problem that many, many people encounter each day. You are not alone. You beat yourself up thinking that you don’t have any self-control or you lack discipline. Let’s take a look behind the scenes and see the real problem. Although there can be many facets, we want to look at a prominent one. You are a biochemical factory, sporting a very large pharmaceutical drugstore. Your body requires nutrients and when it cannot receive or breakdown the nutrients, it enters a state of being deprived. The body is screaming for those nutrients so a signal is sent to the hypothalamus (a very powerful control center in the brain) to release the peptides (biochemical substances) which will cause you to want certain foods. Once they are released, you have very little chance of stopping them. How do you stop the cravings, by giving the body the resources to breakdown the foods properly so that the body has all its’ needs met. What are those resources? Here is a list: STAY AWAY from all refined sugar, drink plenty of water, eat raw foods (veggies and fruits) and minimize processed foods, take a good enzyme supplement to help with your digestion, reduce your stress levels by thinking non-toxic thoughts like; I like myself, I like my co-workers, I am on this planet for a very important reason, I will take control of all my thoughts, and bad thoughts will be deleted. Toxic thoughts are all negative and judgmental which leads to the stress hormone, cortisol and a beginning of a vicious cycle.

The body is a wonderful creation and if given the care and attention, it will last for a good long and healthy lifetime.