Don't just accept a casual, unenlightened assessment of what Vitamin C can and cannot do. Read the truth for yourself...

Rounded Rectangle: Complete Multi-Vitamin Complex
Liquid Food Based 
Vitamin/ Mineral Complex with
over 200 Nutrients

Compared to other products costing over  
$100 per month.

ENZYMES “The Sparkplugs of Life”

A MUST in your Health First-Aid Kit

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Healthy Hearts Club

Heart and Body Extract

¨ Helps Stabilize Blood Pressure

¨ Helps Lower Cholesterol

¨ Helps Unclog Arteries

What about Vitamin C?





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Attention Formula

Age related memory issues


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Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET) offers the most efficient oral drug and food supplement delivery system known to man. It is light years ahead of the traditional pill, capsule, and elixir technologies of decades past. Read More…….

MMS Kit w/ activator 4oz. size
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Chlorine Dioxide Generator

 Chlorine DioxidePicture of Enzyme Essentials